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The Company

BulgaMart was born to simplify and unify technology industry, for those who needs it

  • October/2014

    The beginning of all

    BulgaMart has born, with a fundamental base to bring technology for those who needs, but sees it as a complete stranger

  • January/2015

    We gain the market

    With a short life, some customers contacted us for simple projects, but which satisfy their needs

  • February/2015

    Our first project delivered

    With much dedication, we finished and delivered our first project, for Ordenança e Expansão

  • March/2015

    Our second project delivered

    Following, we delivered our second project, for Estúdio Aida Martinez

  • April/2015

    Maintenance and specialization of our projects

    Planning, maintainance and support to our current projects

  • October/2015

    Infrastructure migration

    With our recent hosting plan acquisition, we made a general restructure on the projects

  • November/2015

    First migration for the new hosting

    After restructuring, Estúdio Aida Martinez asked for an upgrade in its project, thus the migration

  • December/2015

    Completed our website reformulation

    Complete reformulation of our website

  • December/2015

    New migration and update

    It came the time of Ordenança e Expansão, who asked an update in its website, and other visual resources

  • March/2016

    New Project - Ser e Integrar

    It came our time to experiment Wordpress platform. Success achieved and satisfied customer

  • September/2016

    Conclusion of update

    General update on Ordenança e Expansão's website

  • October/2016

    New Project - ITS

    Development of a dynamic and multi-lingual website

  • November/2016

    Collboration project

    BulgaMart joined the world of collaboration, with Equipe 5N3

  • January/2017

    Portal renovation

    BulgaMart always inovating, deliver its multi-lingual website

  • January/2017

    Project delivered

    BulgaMart delivered ITS new website

  • February/2017

    New Project - AZ2D

    Development of a simple website, targeting advertising

  • June/2017

    New Project - Pilares do Ser

    Development of a simple website, targeting advertising

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BulgaMart has Services for any needs

Digital Marketing

Services focused on Brand and Advertising. How your business is seen by the public? Do you present or advertise your potential in a direct and assertive way? Get in touch with us, so we can make a perspective and present you an enhancement solution. Special conditions for business/companies in the beginning.


Application development services, for many needs, being those management, relationships, projects, analysis, commercial automation, end more. do you have any focus demanded routine? Do you think you could optimize time and human resources on your business? If you answered yes for both questions, you need a software.


Infrastructure services, computers, printers, network, servers, all of these are a fundamental part of your business/company health. Since a simple configuration, till big companies projects, we have the correct service for you.


General services on technology industry, which does not demand a whole project to achieve its goal. Do you need only market research? Don't you have financial resources to maintain a dedicated employee? See how BulgaMart can solve and technologically optimize your business.


Service focused on implementing and deploying a solution. If that is what you need, we sure can help. Usually, deployment processes are extremely simple and involve few people, except in cases where the project is too large or comples, involving many people. In this meaning, hiring a specialized advice is the best way, since it streamlines and simplifies the whole process.


Service focused on developing a solution. If what you need is to know which way to go, BulgaMart will lead you in a clear, objective and respectful way. Find out what can be better and what can become to exist in your internal processes. We certainly will have the most suitable solution for your company/business.


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